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Posted November 29, 2004

Six Roles of the Ordained

The National Federation of Priestsí Councils latest sponsored book: Stewards of Godís Mysteries is out. Here is the latest on the Six Roles Exercised By The Ordained from the chapter titled: The Shape of Ordained Ministry Today.

1. The vicar of the bishop -- Priests are official representatives of the bishop who speak with authority and are empowered by the Church through the bishop.

2. Bearer of the Mystery -- The part of the priesthood most priests like best --- sacramental celebration, especially the Mass --- is the work of the bearer of the mystery.

3. Spiritual personality -- Priestly ministry requires a healthy inner life. Otherwise they will find themselves overwhelmed by the intrusive demands of our consumer culture.

4. Pastoral Leader -- Pastors have the responsibility to promote cooperation among their people, to call forth their gifts, to welcome their imagination and creativity, and to generate among them an expectation for rich collaboration among all the serious Christians in the parish.

5. A model of human authenticity -- Priests should be able to read hearts, that is, perceive peopleís difficulties and problems, and extend themselves to make conversation and dialogue easily and pleasantly.

6. Prophet -- The Catholic priest brings Godís Word into dialogue with his own life and the life of his people. The most essential way in which this prophetic work is done is through preaching