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Posted June 15, 2006

Youth Arise -- An Interdenominational
Youth Prayer Movement

During the last few months our website has focused on church movements that are making an impact on the lives of people. Youth Arise is one of those movements. To learn more about look at their website: http://www.youtharise.com/

An Interdenominational Youth Prayer Movement

2 Chron 7:14
Calling youth to be a holy people who meet with God in prayer and move out with God in mission.

Youth Arise Vision

Calling young people from all churches, especially from the South Pacific
- to live holy lives completely dedicated to God.
- to come together for united prayer and mission.
- to become a holy people under the Lord's command to take forward the kingdom of God.

(Psalm 110:3)to take the gospel back to Jerusalem, going to all the countries of the world along the way. (Roman's 1:16)

Youth Arise Aims

Youth Arise aims to fulfil its mission by calling the young people to come together:

- to pray (normally on the last weekend of each month) seeking God for revival and spiritual awakening in our nations, region and world . . . all the way back to Jerusalem.

- to attend specific weekends of prayer, ministry, and mission throughout the year.

- to participate in the annual Prayer Assembly and Youth Arise conference in one of the countries of the South Pacific.

- to be a part of multi-national mission teams.