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Posted April 20, 2007

Catholic Best-Sellers List for May 2007

Catholic Book Publishers Association


1. "Religious Literacy." Stephen Prothero (HarperSanFrancisco)

2. "Amazing Grace." Eric Metaxas (HarperSanFrancisco)

3. "A Book of Hours." Merton & Deignan (Ave Maria Press)

4. "Celebration of Discipline" 25th anniversary edition. Richard Foster (HarperSanFrancisco)

5. Catechism of the Catholic Church. (Doubleday, Our Sunday Visitor and USCCB)

6. "My Life With the Saints." James Martin (Loyola)

7. "With Jesus Every Day." Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn (Crossroad)

8. "The Catholic Priesthood and Women." Sara Butler (Liturgy Training Publications)

9. "Crossing the Desert." Robert J. Wicks (Ave Maria Press)

10. "Perfectly Yourself." Matthew Kelly (Beacon/Ballantine)


1. "Mere Christianity." C.S. Lewis (HarperSanFrancisco)

2. "The Screwtape Letters." C.S. Lewis (HarperSanFrancisco)

3. Catechism of the Catholic Church. (Doubleday, Our Sunday Visitor and USCCB)

4. U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults. (USCCB)

5. "Handbook for Today's Catholic." A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication (Liguori)

6. "The Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classics." C.S. Lewis (HarperSanFrancisco)

7. "Return of the Prodigal Son." Henri J.M. Nouwen (Doubleday)

8. "Good News About Sex & Marriage." Christopher West (HarperSanFrancisco)

9. "Life of the Beloved." Henri J.M. Nouwen (Crossroad)

10. "The Great Divorce." C.S. Lewis (HarperSanFrancisco)

Children and Young People

1. "Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss." Schwiebert & DeKlyen (ACTA/Grief Watch)

2. "Pray With Mary: A Child's Book of the Rosary." Jean Buell (Pflaum)

3. "I Pray With Jesus" Revised. Daughters of St. Paul (Pauline)

4. "Living the Ten Commandments for Children." Gortler & Piscitelli (Our Sunday Visitor)

5. "Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons?" Matthew Pinto (Ascension)

6. "The Mass Book for Children." Gortler & Piscitelli (Our Sunday Visitor)

7. "Catholic Prayer Book for Children." Julianne M. Will (Our Sunday Visitor)

8. "Welcome Children!" Jean Buell (Pflaum)

9. "Little Acts of Grace." Gortler & Piscitelli (Our Sunday Visitor)

10. "My Guardian Angel" Coloring & Activity Book. Halpin & Richards (Pauline)


1. "Juntos Para Toda la Vida." Joseph M. Champlin (Liguori)

2. Catecismo de la Iglesia Catolica. (Our Sunday Visitor, Doubleday and USCCB)

3. "Manual Para el Catolico de Hoy." A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication (Liguori)

4. "Mis 15 Anos" Memory Book. Hijas de San Pablo (Pauline)

5. Compendio Catecismo de la Iglesia Catolica. Libreria Editrice Vaticana (USCCB)

6. "La Vida en Cristo." Weber, Killgallon, Place, Maletta (ACTA)

7. "Mis 15 Anos" Teacher's Guide. Hijas de San Pablo (Pauline)

8. "Un Ano de Domingos: Reflexiones de los Evangelios 2007." Upchurch & Yeary (Liturgical Press)

9. "El Silencio de Maria." Ignacio Larranaga (Pauline)

10. "Liturgia de las Horas para los Fieles." (Pauline)