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[The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate]
Now Features a Blog Called 1964

CARA recently introduced its own blog, called “1964" to commemorate the year of its founding as part of the Church’s emphasis on social science research as called for by Vatican Council II. The blog is edited and updated by CARA researcher Mark M. Gray. You can find it by clicking on to this link -- 1964. The blog features concise summaries of research findings that shed light on current issues of concern and interest to Catholics today. The topics that have been featured in the blog to date include the following:

The nuances of accurately measuring Mass attendance

Research in the media: “Many Women Targeted by Faith Leaders”

Searching for Mass online

Most young adult Catholics still the marrying type

Catholics in Great Britain

Latinos and Latin America moving toward majority status

Global Catholicism: aggregate data to estimate the number of Catholics at the national level on a global scale

Measuring up: aggregating data to estimate the number of Catholics at the state level

You are cordially invited . . . young adult Catholics and marriage

Midwest Mass attenders outpace rest of the nation

Google searches show Kansas and Nebraska are at the top of attendance ranks

The ghosts of Christmas past and future

An annual blog index will be issued each Spring in connection with online publication of the index of the past year’s articles in The CARA Report. For further information contact Mark Gray at CARA (Phone 202-687-8080/email mmg.34@georgetown.edu)