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Posted November 24, 2010

Book: How to Celebrate Thanksgiving ó From the Kids at Boys Town
Author: Val J. Peter
Boys Town, Nebraska, 2010. Pp. 100

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

The children at Boys Town share in this book their journey through darkness to the light exemplified by the Thanksgiving celebration. Val J. Peter, Boys Townís Executive Director Emeritus, invites readers to learn their own lifeís lessons by following the path these children have taken. He urges you to open your eyes to the glorious splendor of autumn and open your heart to the awe and gratitude this beauty inspires.

In short essays, Boys Townís kids describe what they love best about the fall season, outline instructions on how to cook a turkey, and give thanks for even the most difficult circumstances in their lives. These resilient children are able to draw inspiration from tragedies like illness, their parentsí divorce, and Hurricane Katrina.

An Excerpt from the Book:

This is my famous recipe and itís easy to cook. You sit down and first put a dash of prayer in the roaster. Then add one half ounce of patriotism. Mix both of those, prayer and patriotism, together until perfectly blended. Then put a cup full of kindness, a cup of friendship and a pinch of forgiveness in. The last ingredient ó love ó is a very special ingredient, so add as much as needed. Stuff the turkey and cook it until golden brown. I hope you like it. Itís been nice cooking with you. Claudine, Age 14

When you ask me for a recipe for turkey and gravy, it is like asking me what is the most important thing about Thanksgiving dinner. To me the most important thing is showing how you all love and care for each other. The turkey is a wonderful thing to eat and it is your hearts together that make it so special. To me the second most important thing is the food. The reason why I say the food is second because if you donít have people with loving hearts, you canít have a good Thanksgiving. So in order to have a tasty turkey you need warm hearts and caring hands first. This is my Thanksgiving recipe. Alisia Age 14

I really donít know how to cook. But I do know how to have the best Thanksgiving meal. The best way is to all pile into the car, drive to the south side of town to my grandmotherís and there you will find the best food you have ever eaten. We love grandma! Anthony, Age 14