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Posted April 27, 2006

Book: Preacher in a Hard Hat: A Guide to Preaching for Pastors and Everyone Else
Author: Fr. Jim Schmitmeyer
Chalice Press

An Excerpt from the Flyer:

Can you imagine Jesus preaching to roughneck fishermen without ever climbing into one of their boats? Jesus’ preaching was packed with references to everyday life. His words had immediate appeal and lasting effect.

This book is intended to help people of God, preachers and listeners alike, make vital connections between the altars in our churches and the lunchrooms at work, between the washing of one’s car and the cleansing of one’s soul. Preacher in a Hard Hat is an invitation for everyone involved in preaching — the speaking, listening, studying, and shaping of God’s word — to coordinate their efforts and focus their energies. It explores the unique partnership between a pastor and his parishioners, one in which the parishioners invite the pastor into their daily lives. Preacher in a Hard Hat is a collection of wry observations, personal ruminations and copious notes on the challenge of making the Word of God arresting, current and compelling for today’s believers. Each chapter includes a sample homily/sermon that illustrates the insights and strategies discussed.