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Posted May 25, 2006

Overall Priests' Compensation Increased since 2002

Taken from the CARA Report
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The 2005 edition of The Laborer is Worthy of His Hire, the eighth periodic survey of priests' compensation conducted by the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators for the National Federation of Priest's Councils, reports some interesting trends since the last report in 2002.

The median salary of U.S. diocesan priests increased approximately 13 percent during the three-year period, from an average of $16,885 in 2001-02 to $19,110 in 2004-05. This was almost double the Consumer Price Index increase of 7.7 percent during the same period.

When all components of priests' taxable income and support are included, median total taxable compensation in 2004-05 averaged $39,361, an overall increase of 19 percent since 2001-02

Priests' compensation is directly related to diocesan size. In the 2004-05 data, with all elements of taxable income and support included, the difference between the smallest and largest dioceses was some $8,000.

Benefit costs for priests rose 38 percent between 2002 and 2005. For 2004-05, these averaged $10,219 overall, with about 60 percent attributed to health insurance ($6,117) and 36 percent to pension costs ($3,716).

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