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The Spirituality of the Diocesan Priest
Donald B. Cozzens, Editor
The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN, 1997

First paragraph of the Introduction
The clarity of role and purpose that long sustained my colleagues in the ministerial priesthood no longer holds. While we welcome the theological investigations probing the deeper reality and identity of the priest, thee is no denying that the model is shifting with the mining of richer veins of thought concerning the nature and meaning of the diocesan priesthood. The meantime, this time in the history of the Church, challenges our maturity and unsettles our spirituality. To priests living in this meantime, the time between commonly held understandings of the nature and meaning of the ministerial priesthood, we speak a word about the Word sustaining us, nourishing us, and directing our earnest seeking after a renewed theology of priesthood. Never has the interior life of today’s priest been so important to his spiritual and personal health and to his effectiveness as pastor and shepherd as it is during this time of seeking and waiting.

Table of Contents:

1. Servant of the Servants of God: A Pastor’s Spirituality
Robert M. Schwartz
2. Using the Wrong Measure?
Kenneth E. Untener
3. Ruminations of a Canonist
James H. Provost
4. Tenders of the Word
Donald B. Cozzens
5. Paul of Tarsus: A Model for Diocesan Priesthood
Richard J. Sklba
6. Personal Symbol of Communion
Denis Edwards
7. Priestly Spirituality: “Speaking Out for the Inside”
William H. Shannon
8. A Glorious and Transcendent Place
Robert F. Morneau
9. Heralds of the Gospel and Experts in Humanity
Sylvester D. Ryan
10. A Kindled Heart
Frank McNulty
11. The Conciliar Documents and the 1983 Code
Edward G. Pfnausch
12. Confessions of a Pilgrim Pastor
William D. Hammer

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