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People of All Faiths Coming Together in Son

Despite scandal, attendance at concerts on the rise

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (April 24, 2002) - The public is being bombarded by negative news surrounding the Catholic Church. However, Catholics across the county are increasingly banding together to show support for their church and this Saturday, Catholics from Boston area are coming together in song. Crispin, a Catholic funk band, is playing at Saint Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church in Springfield at 2 p.m.

"Attendance at our concerts has definitely increased since the scandal broke. More and more people are coming out because the concert is a place where they can talk to other Catholics about what's going on," said Daniel diSilva, lead singer and percussionist, Crispin.

Interestingly, diSilva has not only seen an increase in attendance of Catholics at the concerts, but he has also noticed people of other faiths coming out to show their support. "It's been really encouraging. So many non-Catholics have been coming to show their support for the Catholic Church and to let us know that they are behind us in our struggle," diSilva said.

More than 900 tickets have been sold for this weekend's concert at Saint Catherine of Sienna, located at 1023 Parker in Springfield.

Crispin, a Catholic funk band, has been together for four years and has played more than 400 shows throughout the world in the United States, Canada, Bermuda and Europe, including World Youth Day 2000 in Rome. Record sales exceed 9,000. Band members include: Daniel diSilva, lead singer and percussionist; Len Barnett, percussion; Gary Wooten, keyboards and horns;

Quinten Hope, guitar; Wesley Stephenson, bass; and Eddie McMarvelous, drums.

For more information on Crispin and to view the band's concert schedule,

visit www.crispinmusic.org .