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Posted January 30, 2008

Daily Marriage Tips

Tips courtesy of Susan Vogt, MA, CFLE

January 29

Dates don't always have to be in the evening. Consider a lunch date. It's cheaper than dinner and if your kids are in school you don't need a babysitter.

January 28

Is your marriage going well? Great! Consider passing on your wisdom as a mentor to engaged couples or taking leadership in a marriage enrichment program.

January 27

"Nothing--not even divorce or death--can place limits upon God's gracious love" (U.S. Catholic Bishops). Strive to love your spouse as God does.

January 26

Marriage is like owning a car. Preventive maintenance (enrichment, paying attention to little grumblings, counseling before it's broken) can save a big repair bill later.

January 25

What's the most important factor in choosing a spouse? Consider: physical attraction + shared values + full commitment = a chance to make marriage work.

January 24

How much money is really necessary to have a happy marriage? Some would say, "just a little bit more." Living adequately but simply is an art that happy couples cultivate.

January 23

"[Love] is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury (1 Corinthians 13:5). Nursing a grudge will not heal your relationship. Get some distance then let go of negative feelings.

January 22

Try trading homemaking tasks for a day. It can bring new appreciation of the other--or provide a laugh.

January 21

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about equality between the races. In marriage we call this mutuality. Is there any area of your marriage you want to be more equal?

January 20

Resolving an argument: Strategy #5: Create a new solution. If compromise and co-existing don't work, try brainstorming new win/win solutions.