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Posted July 12, 2015

Book: Give Us This Day Our Daily Love: Pope Francis on the Family
Compilers: Theresa Aletheia Noble, Donna Giaimo
Pauline Books & Media. Boston. 2015. Pp. 180

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

What is the secret to a strong family? In this book Pope Francis shares practical advice for your family's daily living. The Holy Father reveals how, despite today's challenges, the family can become "an icon of God's love." Warmly personal and down-to-earth, the Pope offers fresh insight for families at all stages. From newly engaged couples to grandparents, there is wisdom here for everyone.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Time with Grandparents

Young people coming together with their grandparents is key. Several bishops from countries in a state of crisis, where the unemployment rate among young people is high, were telling us part of the solution for young people lies in the fact that their grandparents are supporting them. They re-encounter their, who have a pension, and so leave their retirement homes and return to the family; what is more, they bring back with them their memory, that encounter.

I remember a film I saw some twenty-five years ago, by the famous Japanese director, Kurosawa. It was very simple: a family --- two children, a father and a mother. The father and mother travel to the United States, leaving their children with their grandmother. Japanese children, Coca Cola, hot dogs . . .this sort of culture, and the film tells the story of how these children, little by little, begin to listen to what their grandmother tells them about the historical memory of their people. When the parents return, it is the parents who are disoriented: they are far from that memory the children received from their grandmother.

This phenomenon of children and young people spending time with their grandparents preserved the faith in the countries of the East during the Communist era, because the parents were not able to go to Church. In recent days, some were telling me --- perhaps I am getting confused . . . I don't know who, the Bulgarian Bishops or those from Albania --- were telling me that their churches are filled with the elderly and with young people: the parents don't go, because they have never encountered Jesus. This in parentheses . . .children and young people spending time with their grandparents is crucial for receiving the memory of their people and for discerning the present: to become teachers of discernment, spiritual advisors. And here, we see its importance with regard to transmitting the faith to young people, a "one-on-one" apostolate.

Table of Contents:

The sacrament of marriage
Nurturing family life
Fathers and mothers
Family generations
In difficult times
Families in the world
The family's dignity and vocation
Passing on the faith