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Posted July 16, 2013

Book: Walking the Disciples Path: Eight Steps That Will Change Your Life and the World
Author: Linda Perrone Rooney
Ave Maria Press. Notre Dame, IN. 2013. Pp. 147

An Excerpt from the Introduction:

In Walking the Disciple's Path, we will follow that ancient tradition of placing ourselves within the scene and noticing what is around us, who else is there, and what we see and hear. We will imagine the conversations, the mood. Scripture reading, in this way, is an avenue toward prayer, not a study manual. It engages us in relationship with the characters in the sacred story and allows us to identify with them and to resonate with the possibilities inherent in the life of Jesus. We use our minds t to access thinking and reflection, but it is how our hearts respond to our reflection that will lead us to conversion and action. That's what happened to me as I prayed in the middle of the night. My mind was filled with thoughts that were sifted through my heart and my love for my dad. The truth that emerged for me inspired my own commitment to attend Mass each week out of love not fear and to let my choices speak to my dad as a witness.

Each page of this book was written in faith and love, and is as rich as any tapestry with the wit and wisdom of the people that populate my life. It was written for seekers who agree that we are always on a journey to deeper understanding of and relationship with our God. Its message will comfort and challenge, inspire and stimulate. I hope that it will ignite or reignite that love affair with God, in Christ, that their Spirit has been fomenting in you, dear reader, all of your life.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Compassion Fatigue

One reason we aren't more generous is apparent in the image of "compassion fatigue," that weariness and cynicism that comes when there are just too many causes, too many broken people with their hands out, and too much violence to be undone. There are times when even the most generous dig in their heels and say, "Enough!" Leave me alone!" "I can't give anything else!" "Let someone else do it!"

Compassion fatigue descends when we can't find the physical, emotional, or spiritual energy to suffer with yet another person. This gradual lessening of compassion over time is easy to recognize. We glaze over when "yet another" media story spotlights starving children. We change the channel that's talking of global warming. When compassion fatigue descends, my desire to give to others becomes a dread of their needs, and the dread leads to withdrawal of time, money, and talent that could be used to make God's love tangible. Even more, compassion fatigue leads me to an inability to experience the joy that comes when I give of myself to feel for and to care for others.

Table of Contents:

1. Surrender your nets

2. Live as a blessing

3. Love your enemy

4. Cultivate a generous spirit

5. Pray like Jesus

6. See the good

7. Heal all you meet

8. Be not afraid