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Posted August 30, 2006

Recommendations for Raising Morale Among Priests

Taken from the study: Experiences of Priests Ordained Five to Nine Years [already cited on web site]

Better relationship and leadership of the bishop with his priests. Help them to feel appreciated and part of a community.

Better rapport with the bishop. We cannot share private information with the bishop concerning our vocations. I personally feel like a serf.

More communication and less concentration on diocesan and provincial policies.

Honest appreciation for honest work. There is a disparity between the priests who work hard and those who have learned to keep up appearances.

Allow priests to speak freely to their bishops or religious superiors without fear of reprisals.

Trust priests more to do what is best for their congregation, and less meddling with “rules” from above.

Treat priests like men, not children. The constant threats about disobedience and demands for uniformity are treating us as children.

Restructure the offices of the chancellery. Audit them and impose an efficiency assessment. Change their attitude toward outlying parishes. Limit the terms of service and/or accumulation of powers.

Stop pandering to special interest groups. Stop being so concerned about how we are viewed by others.

We had a tough time with scandals. Being open and honest will keep us from having more surprises.