success stories

Wednesday of Holy Week
by Msgr. Alex Rebello

"I looked in vain for compassion, for consolers; not one could I find."

To have comfort of one who understands: to experience the consolation of one who shows compassion --- even this was denied Jesus. He suffered and died alone.

Suffering is both universal and unique. We must remember that it is universal when we suffer: to know that there are thousands of others who also suffer. We must remember that it is unique when others suffer: to know that no matter how much we may want to empathise we can never really enter into the mystery of another's suffering.

We suffer and die alone!

Tuesday of Holy Week
by Msgr. Alex Rebello

"I tell you most solemnly, one of you will betray me" To love when you know who the traitor is; to continue to love even when he is scheming to destroy you; to offer him love even when the gift will be spurned: that is the way to love like Jesus!

"As soon as Judas had taken the piece of bread he went out. Ning had fallen."

Three words that vividly describe the state of a soul in sin. Sin is turning away from the light. Sin is darkness. Sin is night. Alas! One can get used to living in the darkness!

"Lead Kindly Light. The night is dark. Lead Thou me on!"

Monday of Holy Week
by Msgr. Alex Rebello

"Mary brought in a pound of very costly ointment, pure nard, and with it anointed the feet of Jesus"

God we must neither calculate nor count the cost because for Him even the best is not good enough! This was Mary's joy: the joy of giving Jesus what was very precious

There is blessedness in giving; but greater blessedness in giving generously to God. Mary's gift was precious not so much because the ointment was very costly but more because it was prompted by love.

The best is always poured out from the depths of our own brokeness.