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Posted January 14, 2015

Book: The Joyful Spirit of Padre Pio: Stories, Letters, and Prayers
Author: Patricia Treece
Servant Books. Cincinnati, OH. 2014. Pp. 246

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

One of the most popular and beloved saints of the twentieth century, Padre Pio was a man of contrasts. His supernatural joy existed mysteriously alongside periods of spiritual desolation. This collection of inspirational stories includes excerpts from his letters to his spiritual director, notes to those who wrote seeking his guidance, some of his own prayers, and some new prayers to help you understand and imitate the joyful spirit of Padre Pio.

An Excerpt from the Book:

The Know-It-All

[Padre Pellegrino, who lived with Padre Pio for years, recalls:] The sun had already set behind the dark mountain. In the friary orchard, Padre Pio, sitting on a little wall, was surrounded by new and old friends. These were spread out, some sitting, some standing, in the farmyard, [where they threshed] . . .the grain gathered by the mendicant friars. The subject under discussion that evening was the obligation to study ethics, Christian morality, and, in particular, Catholic morality.

[When the bell rang for prayers] one person who, in my opinion, gave himself too many airs, and who, at times, interpreted even Padre Pio's advice for his own personal use, hurried to have the last word: "Only he who has studied morality in depth will save his soul." Padre Pio, who, after having made a move to rise, sat down again in order to listen to the friend's remark, as if he desired to take it in, finally rose to his feet, stretched out his arm toward the . . . [speaker], and with a radiant smile said to him: "Don't play the know-it-all."

Table of Contents:


Who is Padre Pio?

1. God's love and mercy

2. A joyful spirit

3. Healing, signs, and miracles

4. Prayer

5. Longing for God

6. Victory in spiritual warfare

7. Faith

8. On relationships