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Posted June 5, 2007

Pastoring Multiple Parishes: Top Ten Best Practices

Taken from “Pastoring Multiple Parishes,” by Mark Mogilka, a planning booklet for the Diocese of Green Bay

– Have councils and committees meet on the same night in the same location. Begin with common prayer, then split groups to different areas of the building. Pastor and staff roam to groups as needed.

– Delegate — don’t abdicate. Maintain regular, scheduled communication and supervision of staff and key lay leaders in the parish. Be careful of the ‘open door I’m here if you need me” system of communication and management of parishes.

– Figure out what aspect of priesthood most energizes you and make sure that you schedule time to do it on a regular basis. Conversely, figure out what most saps your energy and spirit and find qualified people to take care of those responsibilities.

– Maintain a predictable regular set of office hours at each location.

– Standardize accounting, budget, fiscal management systems at each parish.

– Give self permission to be the primary pastor at one location, and then be a great minister of other locations.

– Always, always, seek out (advertise widely) and hire the best, most qualified and experienced staff people money can buy.

– Recruit, mentor, support, pay for the training and continuing education for staff, deacons, commissioned ministers.

– Get a well-trained sacristan and/or liturgy coordinator at each parish site.

– Get a cell phone with caller ID and an automatic answering system.

I would add: Know and stay within your limits. Especially get to know when you are stretching yourself beyond your capacity to respond.

Know what makes you feel guilty about not being able to respond more fully to your people and squarely face the fact you need not feel this way. Get over the Messianic complex!!