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Posted February 4, 2013

Book: My Soul Feels Lean: Poems of Loss and Restoration
Author: Joyce Rupp
Sorin Books. Notre Dame, IN. 2013. pp. 158

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

My Soul Feels Lean is a journey into compassion. Drawing on insights from her Christian faith and her lifelong connection to the Iowa farmland of her birth, Joyce Rupp offers here an entirely new collection of 106 meditative poems on a theme she's woven masterfully through all her writing --- the pain of loss and the restoration found in letting go and trusting.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Watching Rain

Most of an entire day
I sat and watched the rain fall,
the hard downpour, the fullness,
the pause, the steady drip, the plop,
the softness, the gentleness.

I looked at single droplets,
Gather at the tip of each pin needle,
saw how the rain rinsed
the green and yellow meadow
of its dusty residue
and left the lupine shining.

I noticed the aspen leaves
slightly tremble
with each touch of moisture,
studied the fluffed fur
of the healthy chipmunk
ripping seeds
from a tall, green gentian
refreshed after the showers.

All day I observed the wetness,
the way every layer and line,
every chip and hue of color
became sharply visible,
the density and depth of bark
as rain soaked its ridges.

I studied the impermanence of clouds
that darkened, lightened,
drenched the land, receded,
leaving a thick mist behind.

I walked some in the rain, too,
but mostly gazed in silence,
a secret admirer
loving how rain can change
a landscape
and revive a deadened heart.

Table of Contents: