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Posted May 12, 2005

Book: The Pastorís Bible Study
A New Interpreterís Bible Study
Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN, pp. 323

N.B. This book comes with a CD Rom containing the book.

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

The Pastorís Bible Study: Volume Two, is a focused preparation guide containing fifty Bible studies. The flexible structure is designed to meet the needs of pastors, or others who lead Bible studies, whether the group meets for four weeks or an entire year. The versatility of this resource allows you to plan according to a canonical, lectionary, or thematic structure.

Features includes:

Teaching tips: Guidelines that help leaders effectively study content.

Reflections: Engage participants in the biblical text.

Lectionary Loop: Identifies points where studies intersect with the Christian Year.

Study Bible: Refers to the New Interpreterís Study Bible notes and excursuses.

Sources: Complete information on resources.

CD-ROM: Full searchable text, outline of studies, PowerPoint slides, customized handouts.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Taking Ministry to the Streets

In her article entitled, ďThe Generation Down the Red Road,Ē Professor Rachel Buff of Bowling Green State University, describes the importance of youth for cultural and social transformation. Because of their unique position in society, between the tradition of their parents and the culture of the contemporary technological world, youth are cultural innovators. The take the traditions of the past, fuse them with cultural forms (language, art, music) of the present to re-make new worlds for the future. They are key to the creative process of Godís Holy Spirit, much like Paul and the apostles in Acts were key transformers of faith and the culture of religion in the biblical witness. Yet communities of faith rarely are able to assist youth in knowing their importance and potential in this regard, because our ministries are more centered on what happens in front of us, in the pulpit and at the altar, than on what may be happening behind us, on the margins, in the streets and subcultures where they gather to find purpose and create meaning.

This was the challenge for the community of worshipers in Troas, where worship became so uncomfortable, and so stuffy in a small room with burning lamps that it caused the young man to drift off, wander away in sleep, and wind up lying almost dead on the streets. His situation was further complicated by Paulís long-winded message. Trying to stay in town as long as he could, Paul shares the longer version of his Bible study that extends to midnight, and then continues until dawn the next day. However, the true example of Paulís pastoral concern is that he ends his message, leaves the pulpit, goes downstairs, out to the street where the young man is lying, bends down to the young manís level and addresses his need. Eutychusís name means ďLucky.Ē He is indeed lucky to have had the church stop its service and to have Paul end his teaching, at least for a while, to head out to the streets, where he is lifted up and embraced in the arms of Pastor Paul. Yet there are so many youth with innovative talent, vision and skill on the streets reshaping their lives and the world, whose names, faces, and experiences make them not so lucky. The challenge of our pastoral ministry is how we might come out of our pulpits and sanctuaries to revive them.

Table of Contents:

The Gospel of Mark

The Book of Second Samuel

The Ten Commandments

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

Faith and the Spirits of Politics