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Posted August 3, 2003

Book: Contemporary Catholic Sexuality: What is Taught and What is Practiced
Author: John E. Perito
A Crossroad Book, New York

Excerpt from Jacket:

The discrepancy between what has been officially taught by the church regarding sexuality and what has been practiced by the faithful has resulted in considerable pain: there has been a loss of credibility in official teachings, a sexual abuse scandal, a diminishing clergy, conflicts about contraception and sexual orientation disputes to mention just a few. But some things have already been learned to bring about some healing. No longer can we ignore sexual development in anyone and we must become open in speaking about sexuality. The secrecy and repression of the past is a luxury we can no longer afford.

While continuing to present traditional teachings regarding sexuality, the church needs to allow the presentation of other theological opinions, the findings of science, and the experiences of the faithful to be voiced. Without this broader knowledge people will not be able to become mature adults, mentally or spiritually. A personal conscience cannot be formed by indoctrination.

In this book I have tried to preserve the tradition of natural law by using psychoanalysis as a natural science underlying Christian anthropology. I have also used the shift from an action oriented to a person oriented morality promulgated by Vatican II to review many of the specific sexual issues of concern today.

Table of Contents:




Part I

1. Introduction
2. Theology, Psychology, and Sexuality
3. Psychodynamics and Sexuality

Part II
Issues of Morality

4. Sexuality and Conscience Formation
5. Sexuality and Masterbation
6. Sexuality and Homosexuality
7. Sexuality, Contraception, and Reproduction

Part II
Practical Questions

8. Sexuality and Spirituality
9. Sexuality, Fantasy, and Tradition
10. Sexuality and Celibacy
11. Sexuality and Marriage
12. Sexuality and the Roman Catholic Priesthood
13. Sexuality and Aging
14. Sexuality and Pedophilia