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Posted February 8, 2007

Principles to remember for
those in responsible church positions

Bad bosses: they're everywhere - and cost employers a lot!

1. A recent study by researchers at Florida State University indicates that bad bosses are a common bane of workers across the nation. Some findings of the study:

23% said their supervisor blamed others to cover up mistakes or to minimize embarrassment;

37 percent said their supervisor failed to give credit when due;

39 percent said their supervisor failed to keep promises.

The study also found that bad bosses are costly in three ways. Their practices lead to:

Poor morale;

Less production; and,

Higher turnover.

According to Wayne Hochwarter, an associate professor of management at FSU's College of Business who oversaw the study, organizations employ people but individual supervisors retain them. "They say that employees don't leave their job or company, they leave their boss," he explained.

Sometimes leaving is a very good idea - because poor bosses can cause a myriad of psychological and physical problems, including exhaustion, nervousness, tension, depression and general mistrust.

But turnover isn't the only problem caused by bad bosses. The study found that if workers didn't like their boss, they were less likely to take on additional tasks, such as working longer or coming in on weekends.

So no matter whether workers stay or leave, flexibility and productivity suffer.

This study lend support to the analysis in our own C3 Management Framework. When supervisors focus on compliance (C1 management), they tend to sacrifice cooperation (C2 management) and inhibit the creative productivity found in environments that foster widespread contribution (C3 management).

Top performing organizations create environments where their workers can use and develop their gifts and apply their experience to truly contribute to the well-being of the organization.