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Posted January 20, 2003

Book: The Reform of the Papacy: The Costly Call to Christian Unity
Author: John R. Quinn
A Herder and Herder Book, New York, pp.189

From the Jacket:

Pope John Paul II hasopened the question as to how the papacy can be reformed so as to be more suitable to the new ecumenical situation of the Church. In response to this call, Archbishop John Quinn points out that doctrinal dialogues are not enough. The hope of Christian unity cannot rest solely on the hope of doctrinal convergence. There must also be reforms within the Catholic Church, reforms of the way the papal office is exercised and reform particularly of the Roman Curia and of curial policies and procedures. Following the direction set by John Paul II in the Encyclical Ut Unum sint, Archbishop Quinn looks to the structures and practices of the first millennium Church as an important key to these reforms.

Excerpt from the Book:

"The test of crdibility of Ut unum sint is how the primacy is exercised within the Catholic Church itself and whether the Catholic Church stands before the Christian world as a model of what is proposed in the encyclical. There is no realistic hope for Christian unity unless the Catholic Church is willing to take a serious look at itself as the Pope has asked."

Table of Contents:

1. The Encyclical Ut Unum Sint: The Papacy and Christian Unity
2. Reform and Criticism in the Church
3. The Papacy and Collegiality in the Church
4. The Appointment of Bishops and Christian Unity
5. The Reform of the Papcy and the College of Cardinals
6. The Reform of the Roman Curia