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A Triptych of Excellent Biblical Reference Books on the Parables
Books: Parables for Preachers
Author: Sr. Barbara Reid, O.P., Ph.D.
Liturgical Press: Year A 2001 (275 pp.); Year B 1999 (131 pp.); Year C 2000 (351 pp.).

Excerpt from the cover:

The parables of Jesus are puzzling sayings and stories with world-transforming potential. Parables for Preachers offers an understanding of how parables work and a fresh variety of possible meanings not only for Jesus' original audience and for the early Christians for whom Matthew, Mark, and Luke wrote, but also for contemporary Christians as well. The Gospel parables are analyzed in the order in which they appear in the Lectionary, making this book an indispensable resource for preachers, teachers, catechists, liturgy planners, and Bible study groups.

Barbara E. Reid, O.P., Ph.D. is professor of New Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. She is also the author of Choosing the Better Part? Women in the Gospel of Luke (Liturgical Press, 1996) and A Retreat With Luke (St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2000) and is New Testament Book Review Editor for the Catholic Biblical Quarterly.

Table of Contents for Year A
Matthean Parables in the Lectionary
1. Preaching Parabolically
2. Interpreting Parables
3. Overview of the Gospel of Matthew
4. Salt and Light (Matt 5:13-16)
5. Two Builders (Matt 7:21-27)
6. Sower, Seeds, Soil, Harvest (Matt 13:1-23)
7. Weeds and Wheat, Mischievous Mustard, Hiding Yeast (Matt 13:24-43)
8. Buried Treasure, Precious Pearls, Indiscriminate Dragnet (Matt 13:44-52)
9. Forgiveness Aborted (Matt 18:21-35)
10. Workers in the Vineyard (Matt 20:1-16a)
11. Saying and Doing (Matt 21:28-32)
12. Treacherous Tenants (Matt 21:33-43)
13. Dressed for the Feast (Matt 22:1-14)
14. Ready Maidens (Matt 25:1-13)
15. Investing Talents (Matt 25:14-30)
16. Separating Sheep from Goats (Matt 25:31-46)
17. Wisdom Justified (Matt 11:16-19)
18. Blind Guides (Matt 15:1-2,10-14)
19. Straying Sheep (Matt 18:12-14)
20. Faithful Servant (Matt 24:42-51)

Contents for Year B
Mark’s Parables in the Lectionary
Chapter One: Preaching Parabolically
Chapter Two: Interpreting Parables
Chapter Three: Overview of the Gospel of Mark
Chapter Four: Fasting, Old Coat, and New Wine (Mark 2:18-22)
Chapter Five: Allegiances and Power (Mark 3:20-35)
Chapter Six: Gradual Growth and Mischievous Mustard (Mark 4:26-34)
Chapter Seven: Defilement From Within (Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23)
Chapter Eight: Figs and Future (Mark 13:24-32)
Chapter Nine: Sower, Seed, Soil, and Harvest (Mark 4:1-20)
Chapter Ten: Hidden and Revealed Light (Mark 4:21-25)
Chapter Eleven: Murderous Tenants and Rejected Stone (Mark 12:1-12)

Contents for Year C
Lucan Parables in the Lectionary
1. Preaching Parabolically
2. Interpreting Parables
3. Overview of the Gospel of Luke
4. A Fruitless Fig (Luke 13:1-9)
5. Lost and Found (Luke 15:1-3, 11-32)
6. The Unacceptable Prophet (Luke 4:21-30)
7. Blind Guides (Luke 6:39-45)
8. Seeing Differently (Luke 7:36-8:3)
9. Surprising Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)
10. Needy Neighbor (Luke 11:1-13)
11. A Rich Fool (Luke 12:13-31)
12. Watchful Servants (Luke 12:32-48)
13. Places at Table (Luke 14:1,7-14)
14. Calculating the Cost (Luke 14:25-33)
15. Joyful Finding (Luke 15:1-32)
16. Rewriting the Script (Luke 16:1-13)
17. Beggar at the Gate (Luke 16:19-31)
18. Unprofitable Servants (Luke 17:5-10)
19. Persistently Pursuing Justice (Luke 18:1-8)
20. Acceptable Prayer (Luke 18:9-14 )
21. Feasting and Fasting (Luke 5:33-39)
22. A Firm Foundation (Luke 6:43-49)
23. Wisdom's Children Justified (Luke 7:31-35)
24. Subversive Seeds (Luke 8:4-15)
25. Mischievous Mustard and Lasting Leaven (Luke 13:18-21)
27. Godly Guests (Luke 14:15-24)
28. Making More (Luke 19:11-28)
29. Futuristic Figs (Luke 21:29-33)