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Posted April 4, 2006

Book: The Gospel According to Matthew
Author: Barbara E. Reid
Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN, 2005, pp. 160

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

The Gospel According to Matthew provides the New American Bible translation of the text enhanced by the informative and perceptive commentary of Barbara E. Reid. This Gospel has long been the Church’s favorite faith portrait of Jesus. The Good News would not be as good without such bold strokes of Matthew as:

– the unique details of Jesus’ infancy (magi, flight into Egypt, massacre of infants)
– Jesus’ counter-cultural Sermon on the Mount
– his provocative parables and memorable miracles
– the building of his church on the Rock, Peter
– his concluding commissioning of the Eleven to make disciples of all nations
– the assurance from start to finish that Jesus is Emmanuel, God-with-us.

Piece by piece, Reid puts together the unforgettable picture of Jesus in all his Jewishness, theo ne who has come not to abolish but to fulfill the law and the prophets.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Peter denies Jesus

The utter failure of Peter is no unexpected; Jesus has warned that this will happen. Peter has been in the lead as one of the first disciples called and was a privileged witness at the Transfiguration. He was the spokesperson for the disciples in declaring Jesus “messiah”, and the one to whom Jesus entrusted the “keys to the kingdom of heaven.” But he has also been the prime example of a disciple who struggles to understand and fails miserably. (16:22-23; 26:33-35) Not once but three times he denies being with Jesus, and he does so with an oath (see 5:33-37, where Jesus forbids oath-taking). Matthew adds that Peter makes the denial “in front of everyone” (v.70; cf. 5:16; 10:32-33). This is the last mention of Peter in Matthew’s Gospel. Presumably his bitter tears are tears of repentance, and he is among the disciples to whom the women announce the good news (28:7-10) and among those who are commissioned to preach to all the nations (28:16).

Table of Contents:

Text and Commentary
The origins of Jesus
The beginnings of the Galilean ministry
The Sermon on the Mount
Varying responses to Jesus
Jesus and his disciples on the way to Jerusalem
Jerusalem; Jesus’ final days of teaching in the Temple
Finale: back to Galilee; commission to the whole world; Jesus’ abiding presence
Review aids and discussion topics
Index of citations form the Catechism of the Catholic Church