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Posted July 28, 2003

Book: Spiritual Perspectives on America’s Role as Superpower
Editors: Editors at Skylight Paths
Skylight Paths, Publishing, Woodstock, VT, pp.228

Excerpt from Jacket:

This timely book provides us with an opportunity to pause and reflect on what may be the most pressing issue of our day: What are America’s global responsibilities as the only remaining superpower? What should we be doing with our resources, energy, talent, and strength? What shouldn’t we doing?

Spiritual Perspectives on America’s Role as Superpower invites you to explore these essential questions with sixteen of today’s most profound religious and spiritual teachers. Coming from a wide variety of faiths, including Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Buddist, Vedantist, and interfaith traditions, this intriguing volume’s contributors bring a crucial point of view to the already-intense national debate centering on America’s place in the world: that of spirituality.

Excerpt from Book:

The spiritual response to America’s global status springs from deep moral conviction. Initially the hope was that America — by becoming a superpower — would save the world. Today the fear is that America — having become a superpower — will destroy it. Both fear and hope are exaggerated, but there is ample reason for each. On one hand, as long as the American Empire follows the pulse of American nationalism (‘America first’), one can legitimately fear that others in the world will ultimately suffer from American hegemony. On the other, to whatever extent our policies are inspired by the patriotic ideals of the nation’s founders (‘liberty and justice for all’), one can dare to hope that America will yet fulfill a noble global mission." — Rev. Forrest Church

The Bible calls upon great nations to humble themselves, and we should become humble if we want to be partners with the rest of the world . . . What if America leaned on scripture for its foreign policy? . . . The Lord requires of us that we do justice and that we love mercy, and that we walk humbly with our neighors. Would to God that this becomes our national policy. — Tony Campolo

Part I
How did we get here? Historical, political, and spiritual perspectives
Dual Citizenship
From Nationalism to Patriotism: reclaiming the American creed
Spiritual reflections on America in a global neighborhood
Called to the task of peacemaker
Superpower versus spiritual power — choosing wisely
America is a light in this dark world.
Is America losing its soul?

Part 2
Making Change through our lives
Things are not what they seem to be — nor are they otherwise
In every generation, Pharaoh
Waging a greater Jihad for America
Anger and its effects on us, and the world

Part 3
Making Change through our Spiritual Communities
America as an interspiritual superpower: a vision to be realized
American empire and the war against evil
Congregation versus superpower: the inner work for peace in the local community of faith
Sharing a sacred supper: the moral role of a "superpower"
A source of hope, an instrument of peace