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Moment By Moment: A Retreat for Everyday Life
Authors: Carol Ann Smith, SHCJ & Eugene F. Merz, S.J.
Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, IN, 2000


Our lives are given to us moment by moment by God who is gracious, faithful, and energetically creative in interacting with us. We give our response to God moment by moment in the midst of the ordinary events of our lives. Moment by Moment is a guide for reflection and prayer as one makes a daily, particular, life-response to God.

The structure of the book is reflective of The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, a sixteenth-century text containing a variety of prayer experiences intended to occasion a conversion of heart and mind so that a person may follow Jesus with greater faith, love, and freedom. Ignatius first discovered the reality of this conversion experience in his own life and later in the experience of his followers and friends. In light of that, we hope that this small book will also give people already familiar with the Ignatian tradition of spirituality a fresh and prayerful way of entering into the spiritual experience that is at the heart of Ignatian spirituality.

Table of Contents:
Prelude I

Moment 1 Moment by Moment
Moment 2 Listening to God Moment 3 Longing for God
Moment 4 Love by God
Moment 5 Free to Respond
Moment 6 Turning to God
Replaying the Moments I

Prelude II
Moment 7 The Reality of Sin
Moment 8 Blinded by Sin
Moment 9 The Lesson of Death
Moment 10 The Tender Mercy of God
Replaying the Moments II

Prelude III
Moment 11 Ready and Alert to Answer God's Call
Moment 12 "The Word Was Made Flesh and Dwelt Among Us"
Moment 13 "God So Loved the World ... "
Moment 14 The Ordinary Days in Life
Moment 15 My Identity in Christ
Moment 16 Call and Discipleship
bMoment 16 This Amazing Man, Jesus
Moment 18 My Personal Vocation
Moment 19 Cultures and Choices
Moment 20 My Responses and Choices
Moment 21 Decisions in My Life
Moment 22 The Decisions of Jesus
Replaying the Moments III

Moment 23 "When You Do This, Remember Me"
Moment 24 Faithful Love in Suffering
Moment 25 Companions in Suffering
Moment 26 A Suffering World
Moment 27 Waiting in Hope
Replaying the Moments IV

Moment 28 A New Dawn
Moment 29 Christ the Consoler
Moment 30 Peace and Promises
Moment 31 In Service of Others
Moment 32 Graced by God
Gathering the Graced Moments<