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Posted September 22, 2004

Catholic Books Most Read in October 2004

According to the Catholic Book Publishers Association


1. "Catechism of the Catholic Church." (Doubleday, Our Sunday Visitor and USCCB)

2. "The Rhythm of Life." Matthew Kelly (Beacon Publishing)

3. "Rediscovering Catholicism." Matthew Kelly (Beacon)

4. "Sacred Threshold." Paula D'Arcy (Crossroad)

5. "The Holy Longing." Ronald Rolheiser (Doubleday)

6. "The Book of Courage." Matthew Kelly (Beacon)

7. "The Triumph of Eve & Other Subversive Bible Tales." Matt Biers-Ariel (Beacon)

8. "On Our Pilgrimage to Eternity: 99 Sayings by John Paul II." (New City Press)

9. "Called to Question." Joan Chittister (Sheed & Ward)

10. "A Travel Guide to Heaven." Anthony DeStefano (Doubleday)


1. "A Guide to the Passion," Pinto, D'Ambrosio, Shea, Thigpen, Allen (Ascension)

2. "Catechism of the Catholic Church." (Doubleday, Our Sunday Visitor and USCCB)

3. "Handbook for Today's Catholic." A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication

4. "A Year of Sundays." Cackie Upchurch (BlueBridge)

5. "In the Heart of the Temple." Joan Chittister (BlueBridge)

6. "Waiting in Joyful Hope." Robert F. Morneau (Liturgical Press)

7. "Praying the Rosary." Dubruiel & Welborn (Our Sunday Visitor)

8. "In the Arms of Angels." Joan Wester Anderson (Loyola)

9. "The Origins of Christmas." Joseph F. Kelly (Liturgical Press)

10. "De-coding DaVinci." Amy Welborn (Our Sunday Visitor)

Children and Young People

1. "The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth." Brian Singer-Towns (St. Mary's Press)

2. "Handbook for Today's Catholic Teen." Jim Auer (Liguori)

3. "My Rosary Coloring & Activity Book." Virginia Helen Richards (Pauline)

4. "Handbook for Today's Catholic Children." Francine O'Connor (Liguori)

5. "The 7 Sacraments Coloring & Activity Book." Richards & Halpin (Pauline)

6. "Making Things Right." Jeannine Timko Leichner (Our Sunday Visitor)

7. "Speak, Lord, I Am Listening." Haapala & Muller (Suffering Servant Scriptorium)

8. "The Holy Mass Coloring & Activity Book." Ancilla C. Hirsch (Pauline)

9. "Tear Soup." Schwiebert & DeKlyen (ACTA/Grief Watch)

10. "Catholic Prayer Book for Children." Julianne M. Will (Our Sunday Visitor)


1. "Juntos Para Toda la Vida." Joseph M. Champlin (Liguori)

2. "Manual Para el Catolico de Hoy." A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication (Liguori)

3. "Asombrado Por la Verdad." Patrick Madrid (Ascension)

4. "Catecismo de la Iglesia Catolica." (Our Sunday Visitor, Doubleday and USCCB)

5. "Visitas al Santisimo." San Alfonso Maria de Liguori (Liguori/Pauline)

6. "Oraciones Para Catequistas." Liturgy Training Publications.

7. "El Poder de la Oracion." Hijas de San Pablo (Pauline)

8. "Dios Adentro." Ignacio Larranaga (Pauline)

9. "Guia Catolica Para los Creyentes Mas Pequenos." Francine O'Connor (Liguori)

10. "Un Lapiz en las Manos de Dios." Franca Zambonini (Pauline)