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Posted May 7, 2005

A New Twist To Raising The Weekly Collection

Both churchgoers and churches say they are benefitting from a service that allows people to have their weekly offering deducted electronically by debit or credit card, instead of them having to put money into the collection basket as Mass according to a survey by ParishPay.

Reflections On This Idea

The program encourages parishioners to develop a longer-view attitude toward giving.

The program helps to keep the collection amount more stable because it move parishioners away from random giving.

Using this method eliminates the distraction of the collection basket in the middle of the Mass. Even though the offertory collection has valuable symbolic meaning, eliminating it gives a greater cohesiveness to a spiritual atmosphere that fosters better prayerfulness.

The program enables people to make a serious, prayerful budget decision about how much to give.

Not too many people make up for the times they forget to donate.

It helps to avoid the embarrassment of having forgotten to bring any money for the basket when it is passed.