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Posted January 26, 2012

Book: Catholic Update guide to Marriage
Editor: Mary Carol Kendzia
St. Anthony Messenger Press. Cincinnati, OH. 2011. Pp. 53

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

What is marriage? Why is the sacrament important? How does a couple make marriage work?

A true Christian marriage is far more than just a wedding. The insights in this book bring perspective on the sacramental nature of marriage as an outward sign of a coupleís lifelong commitment not only to each other , but also to Jesus.

Drawing on the trusted and populare Catholic Update newsletter, the Catholic Update Guide to Marriage will help you understand marriage as a promise of love, compassion and fidelity that makes a couple a symbol of Godís plan and of his love for the world.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Five Ways to See Holiness in the Midst of Familhy Chaos

1. Give yourselves a pat on the back each day. You are doing much better at being a parent, being married, being a single member of your extended family than you give yourself credit for most of the time. Accent the positive. Resist the inclination to be down on yourself because you think you donít measure up some otherwordly or unrealistic ideal. If ordinary family life was good enough for the Son of God to spend most of his earthly life in, itís good enough for you.

2. Make the most of family meal prayer. Light a candle, not just on special days, but every day. Maybe a single line from a song: ďAmazing grace, how sweet the sound. . .Ē In ordinary language thank God for one another and for this macaroni and cheese we are all about to wolf down, and for this milk, some of which somebody will probably spill.

3. Share the good news of anotherís good example with your family. For example, when you hear about some person or family coping courageously spread the word. Thereís a man who washes windows every day an cleans office buildings until late every night. Do you know what heís doing? No, not washing and cleaning. Heís putting his children through college.

4. Remember that never, ever are you alone. God loves you and wants to help you more than you know. Be consciously open to Godís loving presence in your family life and struggles. Remember Psalm 127: ďUnless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it.Ē Unless the Lord builds up and nourishes your family, you labor in vain.

5. Build up bonds of mutual support with other family and friends. Get together with families who are at about the same place in their family history as yours is. Organize a monthly discussion and prayer gathering for parents or for groups of single adults, to discuss and pray about their extended family relationships.

Table of Contents:

1. What is marriage?

2. Why the sacrament of marriage makes a difference

3. How to make the sacrament of marriage work