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Posted May 23, 2003

Book: John Paul II: Every Child a Light: The Pope's Message to Young People
Editor: Jerome M. Verb, C.P.
Wordsong Boyds Mills Press, Honsdale, Pennsylvania, pp. 48

Excerpt from Jacket:

Pope John Paul II has traveled more widely than any Pope in history. No matter where his travels have taken him, he has always made special time for children. From Senegal to Scandinavia, from the Phillippines to Brazil, John Paul has reached out to young people worldwide. His ministry to youth is one of the highlights of a remarkable pontificate.

Here is a selection of John Paul's thoughts on faith, family, life, and God's love, taken from talks to children and young adults. They include words of spiritual advice and fatherly words of encouragement. But above all, John Paul expresses a message of hope — hope in the young and hope for the future.

Excerpt from Book:

"When young people like you or older people like me take the time to meet one another and to show their friendship, simply and sincerely, to help one another as best they can, that is happiness on earth! . . .

Dear young people, to help you live like brothers and sisters, like friends, with as many people as possible, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

"The special gifts and needs of young people deserve careful pastoral attention. Young people are the source of hope for the future . . . with their enthusiasm and energy, they must be encouraged and trained to become ‘leading characters in evangelization and participants in the renewal of society." They are evangelizers who bring the Gospel to their peers."

"The future belongs to you: for you are the leaders of tomorrow. As you plan and prepare for the future, it is right that you should aspire to greatness, that you should wish to accomplish great things in your lives. May you never give up these desire, but remain always men and women of high principles and hopes."

"A special characteristic of the young people of our time is openness — openness to the great cultural diversity of our world. But you must also be open to Christ. Just as he did in the case of the rich man in the Gospel, Jesus looks on you, who are rich in talents and material things, and he looks on you with love. He asks you to be completely open to him and he will never disappoint you."