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Posted August 14, 2003

New CNS supplement kit on marriage nearly ready

The CNS Marriage XVI Supplement Kit is a useful vehicle to help you serve your readership in a way that they will appreciate and boost your bottom line. It can be married with local material, be a complete, in-depth editorial package on its own and/or serve as a vehicle to link your publication to the work in your diocese of parishes and marriage preparation programs.

The kit contains 12 articles, photos, information graphics and a number of graphic elements, cover art, a collection of suggestions on developing a successful supplement, a list of potential advertising prospects, and a flyer for advertising solicitation.

Yet, a successful supplement needs strong editorial material, and, as you can see from the table of contents below, the CNS Marriage XVI Supplement Kit has it. The kit contains articles on the ongoing support that the parish community should provide to newlyweds; couples incorporating opportunities for giving in the wedding ceremony; the complexity and problems associated with marriages with partners from different countries; the importance of the wedding rehearsal; marriage myths of which couples should be wary; and, the role good spousal communications can play during tough economic times.

A significant feature of the CNS Easy Supplement Kits is the availability of practical how-to pieces. And this kit is no exception with stories on topics including: choosing the perfect food for the perfect wedding day; focusing on the possibilities of digital photography; watching for signs of spousal abuse before saying "I do"; steering clear of the "marriage rut"; talking the talk about money before walking the walk down the aisle; and, finding the right honeymoon destination that suits the couple's interests.

Remember, the CNS Easy Supplement Kits cost only $299 each, less than $25 for each article and accompanying photo or graphic, or save $100.00 on each kit when three or more are purchased at one time.

If you have any questions about the CNS Easy Supplement Kit on Marriage XVI or how it or other kits can best be used at your publication, call Mark Lombard at (202) 541-3289 or Tom Lorsung at (202) 541-3279. Orders can be placed at the supplement kit area of the CNS Web site or by sending an e-mail message to MLombard@catholicnews.com.

The CNS "WEDDING AND MARRIAGE" EASY SUPPLEMENT KIT includes the following articles:

1. "Church community called to support marriage during and after the wedding day." Looks at the communal aspect of the wedding ceremony and the important role the parish community should play in the ongoing support and growth of the newly married couple. (with photo)

2. "Charity begins at the altar for growing numbers of newly married." Looks at the trend of more couples celebrating the beginning of their new lives together by incorporating opportunities for giving into the wedding celebration. (with graphic)

3. "Wedding planning takes circuitous turns when marriage to non-Americans is involved." While planning any wedding can mean months of complex arrangements, this information piece looks at the governmental and church complications involved in marriage of an engaged couple when one of the two is from another country. (with illustration)

4. "Advanced preparation key ingredient to find the perfect food for the perfect day." A how-to piece that gives the engaged couple tips on ensuring that the right caterer is selected to give the wedding guests the best meal available for the chosen price range. (with photos)

5. "Wedding pictures that are worth a thousand megabytes." Looks at the many exciting and most affordable options available during and after the wedding to the bride and groom through digital photography that were not possible even a few years ago. (with photo)

6. "Wedding rehearsals are more than just practice." Draws upon the perspectives of church ministers who see the gathering of the wedding party as integral and an important part of the solemn celebration of the sacrament of marriage. (with photo)

7. "Look for signs of abusive behavior before saying 'I do'." Looks at the too-common practice of domestic abuse, offering a sobering look at the devastating effects of spousal violence and warning signs of which couples should be aware during courtship. (with graphic)

8. "Couples need not get caught up by marriage myths." Looks at 10 common misperceptions surrounding marriage -- each of which with their own accompanying unrealistic and unrealizable expectations -- that spouses should leave at the side of the road on their journey to a more fulfilling, loving relationship. (with photo)

9. "Make a date to revitalize your marriage." Focuses on the marriage "rut," in which spouses find themselves disconnected from each other, offering suggestions on what couples can do to add that spark, fun, excitement and intimacy missing in their relationship. (with photo)

10. "Money talk should precede the walk down the aisle." A how-to piece with many practical short-range and long-range tips on managing finances that also stresses the importance of engaged couples wrestling with and discussing fully money-related issues. (with illustration)

11. "Couples urged to communicate during tough economic times, seek God to find security." Looks at how job loss and other financial challenges can cause enormous stress in a marriage that may be the symptom of a couple's inability to communicate in a healthy way and to deal with other underlying issues into which they have previously ignored.

12. "Honeymoon travel available for every budget, catering to every interest." Looks at the great variety of popular honeymoon destinations from the traditional Caribbean spots to those in the Pacific and in Europe to eco-tours. (with photo)