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Book: Priests: Identity and Ministry
Edited by Robert Wister
Michael Glazier, Wilmington, Delaware, pp. 160

Excerpt from Introduction:

The Executive Committee of the Seminary Department of the National Catholic Educational Association convened a group of scholars to reflect on the theology of ordained priesthood from the perspective of their expertise and specialization. The study group consisted of Donald Senior on the biblical testimony. Agnes Cunningham on the patristic evidence. John O'Malley on historical development. Peter Fink from the point of sacramental theology and Robert Schwartz on the contribution of the Second Vatican Council. Their reflections which developed into papers presented here were the basis of a dialogue with the members of the Bishops Committee on Priestly Formation of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Excerpt from Book by William Cardinal Baum:

I cannot emphasize too much the importance of profound and continuous study for the priesthood, and the development of study habits that will last through life. Our seminarians must be steeped in the Revelation of God. They must be philosophically and theologically literate. They must have not only understanding of the faith, but they must be able to express and communicate that understanding.

American seminarians must be able to bring that understanding to bear on the forms of life and culture to be found in this land. We must have seminarians who develop a love of learning, a realization of the necessity of the life of the mind in the community born of the Revelation of God.