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Posted November 13, 2006

Book: The Spiritual Wisdom of the Gospels for Christian Preachers and Teachers: Luke Year C
Author: John Shea
Liturgical Press. Collegeville, MN. 2006. Pp. 330

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

A beloved storyteller and theologian, Shea provides a unique commentary thatís ideal for preaching, teaching or simply meditating on the Gospels. His writing is poignant and conversational making this a tool valuable for professional ministers, but also Christians who reflect on the Gospels for personal spiritual growth.

Shea draws readers into the people and situations that Jesus encountered in ways that are evocative and inspirational. This resource is based on Catholic and Revised Common Lectionaries, making it accessible across Christian denominations.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Many writers have offered new images of effective leaders. Each of them is trying to co-create imagery for the new relationships that are required, the new sensitivities needed to honor and elicit worker contributions. Here is a very partial list of new metaphors to describe leaders: gardeners; midwives, stewards, servants, missionaries, facilitators, conveners. Although each takes a slightly different approach, they all name a new posture of leaders, a stance that relies on new relationships with their networks of employers, stakeholders, and communities. No one can hope to lead any organization by standing outside or ignoring the web of relationship through which all work is accomplished. Leaders ar being called to step forward as helpmates, supported by our willingness to have them lead us. Is this a fad? Or is it the web of life insisting that leaders join in with appropriate humility?

Table of Contents:

First Sunday of Advent to the Feast of Christ the King Year C