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Posted June 15, 2006

Young adults give little, but most goes to church

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Young adults don't give much money to their church or other philanthropies, but most of what they give goes to the church, said a report by Empty Tomb, an Illinois church stewardship research and consulting company.

In its report, released June 7, Empty Tomb analyzed the findings of the 2004 Consumer Expenditures Survey of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics -- a study of American spending habits based on interviews with more than 30,000 Americans.

It found that adults under 25 give only 0.8 percent of their after-tax income to their church, religious organizations or other charitable or philanthropic causes.

The national average across all adult age brackets is nearly double that, 1.5 percent. Among people ages 65-74, the average amount of philanthropic giving is 3.6 percent of after-tax income.

The report came out the week before the U.S. Catholic bishops were to decide, at a national meeting in Los Angeles, on a proposal to prepare a statement encouraging young people to exercise responsible stewardship of their time, talent and treasure for the church.